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The 5 Keys to Winning in Online Poker

    These are the five main pillars of poker. Master these keys and you will win more hands, pots, and subsequently tournaments.

Know your math
Some of the game’s top players are math wizards. While you don’t need to be a human calculator, you do need to know how many cards can help you and hurt you so you can bet or fold according to the odds.

Have patience
Especially in games like Texas Holdem where it’s OK to sit out 75 to 80 percent of the hands. It’s fun to play every hand, but the fact is, your hand won’t be strong enough to compete and survive the multiple betting rounds each hand.

Research your game
Study the basics of poker theory, but also review the way you play. Study charts that track your play to see where you succeed and where you fail. It’s called plugging holes in your game. Many players repeat the same mistakes and get burned. There are countless tracking tools that gather your play history and analyze it for you.

Know the odds
There are articles on hand odds and pot odds in this section. Read them. Knowing the odds is critical to long-term success in poker.

Control your emotions
Whether it’s bluffing, having an effective poker face when you land pocket aces or controlling your temper when you suffer a bad beat, you must be in control. Why do you think so many actors like James Woods and Toby Maguire gravitate toward poker? They can compete and act at the same time.

There are other strategies to employ as you learn the game, but having a solid foundation of basic knowledge and tools will allow you to build a solid bankroll. You might even become the next big name in poker.

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