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Big Sports Betting Parlay Winners!

Two lucky winners walked away with a combined $87,000 by placing two parlay bets at the best site for betting parlays! Most sports bettors aim for that elusive 65 percent mark. If you can select the winner in 65 percent of your sports bets, you're assured a nice profit.

Patrick F. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Darnell C. from Dover, North Carolina both blew past the 65 percent mark last week and received five-figure payouts for their sports betting prowess.

Darnell C. placed a measly $2 on a 10 team parlay with huge 33565-to-1 odds. That meant Darnell was in line for a payout of just over $67,000 if he could somehow pick all 10 games correctly. Darnell really mixed it up with his parlay picking a few college basketball games, some NBA games, NFL games and also an NHL matchup.

Darnell was a perfect 9-for-9 with only the Seattle/Denver football game standing between him and a big payoff. Darnell was chewing his nail down to nubs when the score became tied in the fourth quarter. However, a last-second field goal split the uprights, giving Seattle a close win and Darnell a $67,000 payday!

Patrick placed $10 on a 12-team parlay with 2000-to-1 odds. That meant if Patrick was skilful enough to correctly select 12 out of 12 winners, he would be paid out $20,000.

After 11 successful picks, Patrick's hopes for a hefty payday relied on Phoenix defeating New Jersey in an NBA showdown. After the final buzzer sounded, the Suns stomped the Nets and Patrick was $20,000 richer. The next NBA team in need of a coach may want to give Patrick a call, because anyone who can perfectly pick 12 basketball winners in one night definitely knows the game.

Betting on parlays can be extremely profitable, but the majority of parlay bettors lose.  It is important to only take small risks with these 7-12 team longshots.  You can go heavier when playing 2-4 teams, bet bigger but also hedge your parlay by creating a few variations.  For example, when picking 4 teams you can create 4 separate 3 team parlays.  This way, if one of your parlay teams lose, you will still win...and profit!  If all 4 hit, it's what I like to call a 'Four Banger'!  You cash on all 4 of your 3 team parlay bets.  Cha ching!!

Bovada.lv is the perfect place for parlay because bettors can choose anywhere from two to 12 teams to lay their money on. Players can be assured they're getting the best odds out there, and if they can pick the winners as well as Darnell and Patrick, they will be paid the big bucks just as quickly as they would a $10 win.

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