Online Sportsbook Deposit Help

If you are having difficulty making your initial deposit on any of the recommended sites you are not alone my friend!  Here you will find a few tips and pointers to get you set us so you can start winning today!  

Online sportsbooks and casinos offer various methods of deposit.  The most common methods are; 

Credit Cards- Once the surefire deposit method the credit card is still popular, but has become increasingly difficult for the American player. VISA cards work better than MasterCard.  You may find that your card gets declined.  This does not mean that your card is maxed out, rather your bank has detected that this is for gaming purposes and has declined the transaction.  There are a few ways around this problem. Some sites may be able to process your card while others cannot.  I have found that Bovada.lv and BetOnline.ag have the highest credit card approval rates.   BetOnline accepts VISA and American Express credit cards, and once you build your way up to VIP, they will also allow you to deposit with MasterCard into your sports betting account.  You may also try one of the methods below. 

Money Transfers- All sites offer this method.  You may see it displayed as Person to Person transfers as well.  This method uses Western Union or MoneyGram type services to procure payment. MoneyGram is the most economical and the most convenient.  MoneyGram deposits can be made online or at your local WalMart service counter!  To deposit with this method you simply register with one of our recommended sites and contact their customer service via telephone, email, or live chat.  Tell them that you wish to make a MoneyGram deposit and they will give you simple step by step instructions on how to complete the transaction.  Ask to have your fees reimbursed and they will probably do that for you!

CALL!  If you are unable to complete your deposit online, phone the customer service of the online gambling site that you are using.  Often, the customer service agents are able to complete a deposit for the same method that you were declined for online.  It sounds stupid, but it works!

Click for deposit tips for those who do not have a credit card, or if you rather not use your credit card.