Black Jack Basic Strategy

The easiest way to learn to play Blackjack is to always assume that the dealer’s hidden card is a 10, and play your cards accordingly. For example, the dealer’s exposed card is a 9, you would play your cards as if the dealer had 19. A quick way to learn when to hit, stay, double down, and split your cards, is to use a Blackjack basic strategy chart. A basic strategy chart shows you what to do and when, lowers the casino’s edge, and gives you the best mathematical odds (excluding card counting). It’s like a little “Blackjack For Dummies” that you can take with you. As a general rule, if the dealer is showing 7-Ace, hit until you have at least 17. However, if the dealer’s exposed card is 3-6, do not take a card if your total is 12 or higher! Why, you ask, would you stay on 13 when the game is to get a total close to 21? The answer is because that is not the object of the game! The objective is to get paid. I would much rather with 12, then to lose with 20! If the dealer is showing 3-6, and you are figuring him for a 10 in the hole, you already know that he has a higher probability of “busting”. The dealer will break more times in that situation than you will make a hand by taking a card.

Blackjack Tips~

NEVER take insurance! Insurance is a sucker’s bet. It is a side bet that the dealer has a blackjack when the exposed card is an Ace. The percentage of hands that the dealer actually has a “blackjack” with the Ace showing is only %30.8 of the time!

Money management- If you are afraid to take a hit when you are supposed to, it means that you are betting above your head. Lower your bet and play the way you should!

Vary your bet amounts- If you continually risk the same amount every hand, you will lose! I like to bet progressively, this ensures that you are betting more when you are on a hot streak, and less during those cold snaps. For example, say my base wager amount is $20, if I win I would increase my bet by %50. My second bet of $30 wins, increase to $45 and so on. The first hand I lose, I would go back to my original base wager amount and stay there until I win another hand.

Leave a “Cold” table- If you are losing four out of five hands LEAVE the table!! If you are playing with people who are not playing according to basic strategy leave the table. It is very frustrating when you see a player hit their 14 against the dealers 6, pull a 7, feel all cool because they got a 21, the dealer turns over a 9 for a total of 15, dealer pulls a 5 and wipes out the table, with the exception of the “cool” guy with 21. This guy does not realize that if he had left the seven for the dealer, the entire table would have won! I said all that to say if you are playing with at a table with the “cool” guy, you will forever be tracing back the play to see what could have been. Save yourself from that stressful situation and find another table.