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7 Card Stud Tips

Fifth and sixth street is where you will look to grow the pot with big hands. If no one is raising you, your trips and even your two pair are probably good. Drawing hands will hope to limp forward if possible, calling as few bets as possible. Look to call just one bet if you're on the draw. High pair may be still good but any raise at you will mean you're probably beaten by trips or two pair.

Seventh street is where you take all the information the table has to offer and decide if anyone has drawn out on you. If an opponent has 10,9,7,6 showing and has been only calling your bets, but suddenly bets out the river, you're probably beat. Same goes for the flush draw. A re-raise on the river is something you want to avoid, and I will check the river often in 7-stud unless I have the nuts. Rarely do I fold on the river; the pot is usually too large not to call the bet when you're playing in a limit bet game.

The same rules apply as far as learning your opponents and what they are capable of. There are overly aggressive 7-stud players that you can take advantage of, and the calling machines in this game seem to be far more abundant than Hold'em or Omaha . If you recognize that a player is always showing good hands at showdown, you can count on that player rarely bluffing; the game cannot be controlled as easily as the some other forms of poker.

These basic rules of play for 7-stud will get you started. The rest is experience and recognizing betting patterns based on the information your opponents' cards are showing you. There are some dues to pay in this game, but nowhere near the learning curve of Hold'em or Omaha .